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Hi, I’m Leah Follett, primary photographer for Follett Photography and I’d really like to thank you for taking the time to look through my work.

Starting 11 years ago, I received my training as a photographer in many forms over a 4 year period. I worked in children photography, I worked for commercial photographers and real estate photographers. 2008 is when I decided to focus on what I loved most in the industry, weddings newborns and families.

I am a photographer because it not only gives joy to others, it returns joy. I love getting to know people, their personalities and quirks and capturing them in a way that is fun, and makes them laugh. I want my clients to be able to use their photographs in the future to trigger real memories, not just to remember what they looked like, but for how they felt…to relive the moment. When I see the look on my clients faces when they view their photos, and they see how I’ve captured their story, those moments are why I love photography. It’s not just my job, it’s my passion.

How am I different? I spend the time getting to know my clients, especially my brides and grooms, so they feel comfortable in my presence. I want to create an environment where they can almost forget that I am there. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely give directions so everyone looks their best and knows what they are doing, but after that, my job is to disappear and have the couple or family feel alone enough to be their true selves. Almost like they have hired their close friend to take their photographs. If your someone looking for a wedding photographer, I would love to chat with you about all your hopes for your wedding day. I’d love to offer you some advice on how to find a photographer that suits you and your fiancees personality, all the must ask questions. Then I’d like to talk about how I’m different.

Invest in an amazing photographer and never be disappointed. Look for the AIPP accredited professional photographer logo.

A big thanks to Amanda Higl for my hair and makeup in the above photograph …www.amandahiglhairandmakeup.com.au

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