For those of you who do not know yet, I am also a Newborn and Portrait Photographer. I have a cosy little studio in my home. It is completely seperate from my living space, but it does not lack in homely comfort and charm. I want to make sure every new parent that comes into my studio is more then comfortable. Let’s face it, no one really wants to leave their own house within two weeks of welcoming their newest family member into the world, so I try and make it as easy as possible. I fill the room with the calming sound of the ocean, or white noise for in order to keep the new humans calm. It works, not only for them, but sometimes for the fathers too. Yes, there have been those who have fallen asleep.

I love being a Newborn and Portrait Photographer, as well as a Wedding Photographer. It means that my clients don’t need to face someone they don’t know when they want their photo taken again. We have a friendship already, and it means that there is a better outcome out of the Newborn session. I have the amazing privilege of watching families grow and change. Who could ask for a better job. To see more of my work, please click here. Newborn Photography is so varied. But if you are looking for a photographer, I suggest you look for those with the AIPP logo, or have their own studio. Safety is a priority, and horror stories abound. Sessions last between 2-4 hours so be prepared. You won’t regret it. Best investment yet. The newborn phase only lasts days…. capture the minutes that you met them with a professional Portrait Photographer.

Meet Shilah. She was the perfect model. Beautiful Newborn baby girl with two adoring parents, Will and Alexa… I loved photographing the early moments of this gorgeous family.

Example of my work as a Newborn and Portrait Photographer taken in my Gold Coast Studio