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I am a Gold Coast wedding Photographer that specialises in the art of capturing wedding stories. Every minute of your wedding day is worth cherishing, so I want to make sure as much as possible is documented for you. Your wedding day should be re-lived over and over! That is why I include the very highest quality wedding albums in my packages. I envision each of my clients sitting down in 20-30 years, using their wedding album to help plan the wedding of their children. I started only as a Gold Coast Wedding Photographer but now also photograph beautiful wedding stories in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay, Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand … well anywhere in the world really… so no matter where your wedding, give me a call!

Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the biggest decisions you will make. There are just so many elements that you have to think about. How do you find the right one for you?

Before you even start to look for a wedding photographer, you should think of how much you value your wedding images. What style are you attracted to? What specially do you want out of your experience? Then, start the journey of finding a photographer with the style and personality that suit your vision. My imagery has been described as classic and timeless. I focus on a ‘stunning’ outcome, not just a wedding image that looks the same as everyone else.

Your Wedding Photographer needs to offer you more than just the right package price. Your wedding photographer needs to have the experience and personality to handle all that a wedding day offers. Who you choose needs to have the ability to keep you calm, on time and enjoying each moment as it comes. I offer wedding photography that is special and unique to each wedding and we never take for granted the privilege to share in someones wedding day. I also offer wedding photography packages to suit your budget, without compromising quality. How? By allowing you to pay for your album after your wedding day. We know locations, we have some of the best equipment and we know what to do… All you need is to relax and enjoy the first day of the rest of your life…

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