I am a Gold Coast Family Portrait Photographer that specialises in full service photography experiences. But what does that mean? It means I care about you getting an amazing result from your photography session. We know the value of printed heirloom photographic items and the difference they make in your home. We custom design your photography session, discuss and plan what products you would like to order, then deliver a stunning finished art piece… as well as helping you hang it in your home! I would love for you to see the stunning range of products that I offer as soon as you book. Every session comes with a pre-consultation. This is done either in person (even in your home) or over the phone.

As a Gold Coast Family Portrait Photographer, I (Leah Follett) offer comfortable, and memorable portrait experiences while capturing such precious milestones in your families growth.

My style of family photos is not only centred around capturing what you look like, it is capturing how you feel in that moment. I like to set up Family Photos in a personalised way, ensuring your hopes and visions are captured. A comfortable stage is set, so you can just take in the moment, relax, and enjoy the focus being on the loving relationships that you share. I love what I do, and take my role as your Family Portrait Photographer as a privilege.

You can choose to book your family photos in my cosy and professional home studio, or at your favourite Gold Coast location. If you don’t have one… dont’ stress! I know a heap of amazing locations. Each photo shoot varies in length (never over 2 hours) depending on the age of the children present. Do you have a spot you love to go as a family? Have you thought about having a lifestyle session while undertaking your favourite family activity (eg: fishing, hiking, surfing)? I want to take the time to plan your perfect session, so give me a call!

What are some of the costs?

For each portrait shoot, between 6-12 hours is invested by your photographer, as well as running costs. This is before you even view your images for ordering. For this reason, each session has a fee. Session Fee’s are built into some of my packages, or you can choose to simply purchase the moments you fall in love with. Up to you. No pressure.

Follett Photography strives to present you with professional, timeless products for your memories. I truely beleive in the importance of photos. This generation is the most photographed, yet least documented yet. Print your photos. Have your son or daughter walk past a big photo of you all smiling and playing together every day. Please consider your investment from the moment you choose to book. What wall looks empty? Where could you hang a collection or put a storybook album? Examples of the products are in the studio for you to look through during your photo shoot and the viewing and ordering session. When looking for a Family Portrait Photographer, make sure you look out for the AIPP logo. Book a professional and avoid being disappointed.

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