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Hi, I’m Leah!

Gold Coast Kindy and

Childcare Photographer

I have been capturing kindy and childcare photos at select centres around the Gold Coast for over 5 years. Parents LOVE my natural style, and passion to capture and deliver beautiful portraits of their children. My services are unique, high quality and affordable.

As a portrait photographer here on the Gold Coast, my approach to Childcare or Kindy photographs is in imitation of how I conduct a family portrait sitting. I capture natural smiles in relaxed and playful settings. In most cases, I photograph outside, in the play areas, using natural light. I can also offer indoor styled setups or a combination of both!

If you are looking for a Gold Coast Kindy Photographer, I would love to hear from you! I understand that every centre has different routines and I would love to discuss your vision for your centre’s kindy photos, and design a service perfect for you and your families.

Our Kindy Photography Process…

Below is an outline of the general process for Kindy and Childcare photography. However, any of these processes can be tailored to the needs of your centre.

1. Contact Leah to secure your spot.

I photograph during school terms only, between March and November. After speaking with you about your centre’s busiest days, I will lock in the photo days that suit your kindergarten or childcare. Photographs are taken during the mornings of these pre-booked days.

2. We arrange flyers, and printed forms for each family.

You tell me what you need, and I arrange it. Because I like to tailor my services to each centre, this will vary on your need. Do you need forms? if so, how many? Would you like a flyer for the noticeboard? How about a Digital flyer/email? Would you like a cover letter explaining processes? I can arrange anything that will help make this process as easy as possible for your staff and families.

3. Forms are filled out, payments are taken via direct debit or online ordering and the printed forms are returned to the centre.

To make things easier for you and your staff, parents can arrange payment privately with the photographer. They have the choice of direct debit, cash or online ordering. A month before the pre-booked dates for photos, I like to deliver photography forms to the centre. This form is either a permission form, or a contains ordering instructions.

4. Photo days!

Time to take the photos! They actual photo taking will depend on your choice of class photo style. One option you have is for group class photo – a photo of children and staff grouped together. In this instance, not all children will have individual photographs taken; I photograph children who have ordered packages or registered for photographs only. We take 1-2 class photos of each class to ensure everyone who has ordered is present in a class photo.

The other option is to choose to have every single child photographed, and have your class photo designed with their individual photographs and names. Permission is required from parents before these photograph are taken. In this case, parents can pre-order image packages, or order via a gallery link. This does add a layer of confusion for parents, but often works better as it gives them a layer of control over their images.

5. Image processing and delivery

Images are processed and delivered within 2-3 weeks. This turn around time can be shortened upon request.

What are the benefits to booking with us?

I believe that my high quality photography style and service will impress all the families at your centre. If families require assistance with their booking, I am available to help them over the phone or email. On offer also, is a photography voucher for each family to use outside the kindy.

I also provide complimentary staff headshot photos in digital format and printed class photographs of the class photographs upon request!

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